Friday, November 12, 2010

Welcome Sammy

Renee and Jamie just recently visited Greece and explored its culture, food and beautiful islands.  How can you be more excited about anything!!  Well, if you had a little fuzzy cutie pie waiting at the other end of that awesome journey you just might be!! 

Introducing Sammy, A West Highland White Terrier, Renee's reason for being just as excited to get home, as to go!!  Sammy is the latest addition to the Campbell clan.  You might remember that Renee and Jamie lost little Brandi earlier in the year.  Although Brandi can never be replaced, Renee instantly fell in love with this little guy who was being fostered by the breeder because his first home did not work out.  Initially Renee wanted a Westie puppy but after speaking with the breeder on numerous occasions and seeing pics of this little furball, she fell in love...HARD!!  So here are some pics from our little family session last Saturday.

"Thank you, thank you very much"..does Jerri not remind you of Elvis or what??

Jerri in her 'nest'

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