Thursday, August 18, 2011

Kyle and family

Here is probably one of the last blog posts under the name Nette Inc Images.  I recently had to make some changes to my business name and though I am a little sad to see the name go because of the meaning it had for me, I am happy and excited for my upcoming adventures! 

In the next few weeks I will have a brand new blog to share with you.  You can still find me on facebook and at and for the next few months this address will still get you to my site!

And now, on with the show!! 

I had the pleasure of meeting this family last November when we met up for a  family shoot at Bowring park.  Recently, this family of three became a quartet with the birth of baby Kyle. 

He seems to be fitting in quite well.  Big sis Emma is very gentle and loving towards him, Dad's got him geared up in Toronto white and blue and Mom is happy and proud they are all her sweet family!!  Here are some of my favorite images from our day together.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Kim and Tony

Although unsure of the weather last Saturday, it turned out quite fabulous for Kim and Tony as they spoke their own beautiful vows to each other.  Surrounded by loving family and friends this gorgeous day unfolded on the beautiful grounds of the GEO centre

It was an event interlaced with family with the lovely Nicole, Kim's daughter as maid of honor.  Kim's son, Ethan guided his mom to Tony as he waited with nervous excitement and pure love to see his beautiful bride.  By Tony's side was his son, Nathan keeping Dad calm and in check! ;)

So much love and already a family, this beautiful ceremony only solidified what already was.  I was so happy to meet this couple and spend part of their wonderful day together.  Congratulations again, Kim and Tony, on your marriage!!

Monday, July 25, 2011

The Clark family

The little Clark ladies are back on the blog!! You may remember their sweet little faces  from last year! 

Well, I had the pleasure of meeting up with the them again this summer, with dad in tow this time, to enjoy their company and take some family photos.  We had a little picnic, picked some flowers and tried to devour a GIANT cookie!  So glad I brought it along!  It was a great tool of encouragement when some little person was getting tired of all the fun!!

Here are some of my favorite shots from our session!!  Such a pleasure to see you all again!!