Thursday, December 30, 2010

Little charmers

I walked into Sue's house to a little fellow who looked up and said to me questioningly, "don't I look beautiful"...well that was it, I was hooked!  Of course he did look super cute, but he had me with those big dreamy brown eyes.  His sister was no exception with such wit and wisdom and those same big brown eyes.  From sweetness to wrestling, these two were certainly little charmers.  Here are some photos from our Christmas mini session.

The Children were nestled...

Sean and his cousins

Before the Christmas season is over, I have a few sessions to share with you before we enter into the new year.  I hope you are all having a wonderful Christmas holiday so far.  I had to delay this session because the photos were a Christmas surprise.  So now that the big day has passed once again I am able to share these.  I was able to show you Sean's Christmas photos but wanted to wait so I could include his sweet cousins in the photos.  And of course, the family puppers, Abby, has graced the photos too!! 

Not sure about this backpack thing!!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Verge Family

It's been so long since I've seen such cute little toes!  This family has a brand new set to add to their collection.  Just 10 days old, little Naomi, was as cute as a button and wide awake for our session.  She got to test out my new basket and liked it OK but would much rather be up with mom!!  Check out Naomi and her family below.  Did I mention we would be seeing some toes!!! :) 

Monday, December 20, 2010

Miss Jenna and family

In the season of Miracles, Jenna is most definitely that!  When she was born nearly 8 years ago the doctors told my cousin they didn't think she'd make it a few days.  However, she surprised us all by her strength and determination to breath on her own.  She wasn't supposed to smile but as you can see below, that theory is out the window!!  There is so much Jenna can do, that the things she can't don't really seem very important.  She goes to school, has lots of friends, has pets, a family who is totally in love with her, she loves books, goes swimming, enjoys horseback riding, love music and most recently has discovered a new passion-the guitar!  This last accomplishment makes dad very proud as he too plays a little guitar.  You can check out the link under an upcoming photo for a little look at Jenna playing her dad's guitar.

Here is my beautiful cousin Renee and her family!  Enjoy!

Here's Jenna playing guitar for us and her dad.  Check out her link here