Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Maloneys

I love visiting my friend at her home in Cape Broyle.  I guess it makes me feel like I am home because I come from a small community as well.  Cape Broyle is a small town surrounded but other communities along the southern shore.  So when I get a chance to go, I look forward to it and always enjoy myself.  I even like the drive with it's winding roads and gorgeous trees and ponds along the way.  I am always scouting out locations and taking in its beauty.

Another reason I love to visit my friend is that I always feel welcomed and at home.  I have grown to love this family over the years as my friendship with Tracey developed.  Her children and so friendly and sweet and seem to enjoy my visits too!  So, a couple weekends ago, I packed up my gear and headed out the shore on a gorgeous fall day to take some family photos of Tracey's gang. 

Here are your babies Tracey and a few furry friends as well!!

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Just Bits and Pieces said...

Great shots....gorgeous colors!!!