Thursday, June 23, 2011

Kelsie's Grade 9 Farewell

I am not long back from a sunny Florida holiday refreshed and very thankful for the bit of Vitamin D I soaked in while there.  I hope I stored some because this month has been a write off as far as weather goes.  Yes, I know we live on the east coast of Canada, but Mr. Sun, we still need you!!

I won't go on about our nasty weather!!  Instead I have some photos of a young lady who just celebrated a milestone in her life.  Kelsie is my best friend's daughter and yesterday she had a ceremony to represent the big transition of leaving Junior high and going to High School.  I cannot believe how quickly the years have passed.  She has grown into beautiful young woman both inside and out.  Joined by her family, friends and some of her classmates I was there as she prepared for her big day!  I will be doing this very thing next year for my own teenage daughter....eekk!!

Kelsie, you and your friends are sweet, fun and you all looked super beautiful yesterday.  So proud of you and glad I could be there yesterday to share in your day!!