Thursday, July 21, 2011

Tamara and family

Boys will be boys, I have one, I know!!  LOL!!  Well, imagine three of them and the silliness, tumbling, energetic fun and mostly love that comes with all that.  I met up with Tamara and her awesome trio of gentlemen last Saturday and as you can imagine, we had just about the most fun you can pack into an hour!  They were so welcoming and sweet, I immediately felt like I was home!  There was the odd headlock, body slam and sword fight but everyone came out unscathed!!  Myself included! ;)

I also met their nan and Great nan!  I cannot tell a woman's age but just let me say, I was totally amazed when I found out!  She was so spry and full of life.  Four generations of love and fun all packed nicely under the one roof and I was happy meet them all!



Anonymous said...

Beautiful family pictures.


Anonymous said...

Annette- your pictures are awesome! Beautiful shots. Can't wait for it to be our turn!

Leah D.