Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A Little Gray

You may remember a baby belly that I shot not so long ago, Waiting for Jaxson ....funny story!!  Mom and dad had the baby's name picked out!  It was on the wall, we did the block letters and so on.  A few weeks later I remember seeing that the baby had finally arrived and his name was...Jameson.  Jameson?!!??  Was it my imagination?  I was sure his name was Jaxson!!  Being me, I had to email her and see if it was because of the blog that the name got out so they had to change it!!  Mom simply said, "no, he just wasn't a Jaxson!!".  And so, Jameson it was!

Well, I finally got to meet little Jameson on the weekend!  With his little baby fingers and little baby toes, smiling and making those cute baby faces at me, I was in my glee!  His cool big brother was there too!!  He was full of his usual charm and I think he can sense when I'm almost done because he always says, bye, bye before I'm even getting ready to leave!  I did get lots of hugs and kisses though!!

It was lovely seeing the Grays again and their newest member!!  Congratulations guys!!

A fauxhawk for daddy!!


Anonymous said...

You amaze me every time. These are almost ***Almost the best by far. I love, love them. Wow! Gorgeous family & awesome pictures Love Mom

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, these baby pictures are just adorable. Great job as usual.


gina said...

such special times captured!

Mary Marantz said...

Super cute!!