Monday, October 25, 2010

Heather's Pride

Last Monday I met up with Heather and her children.  Heather and I worked together at the infamous Grace Hospital and now we work on sister floors at St. Clare's.  One night she was sent to our floor and she mentioned my blog and that she'd like to have some photos taken of her children.  We set up and day and as luck should have it the weather was our friend (with the exception of a little shower part way through the shoot)!!

We met up at Manuel's river for the afternoon.  I have done some photos there before.  However, this time the session was held at the lower portion of the river.  As I've mentioned in earlier posts, this is a great spot for walking, hiking and just taking in nature's beauty. 

With my camera in tow and Heather and her three children we set off on a little hike.  I met her great gang, the beautiful Jill, handsome Ben and cutie pie Sam, for a wonderful afternoon of hanging out and taking some snaps at the river.


heather said...

annette they turned out absolutely
gorgeous.once again you did an awesome job!

thanks Heather

Anonymous said...

OMG Annette.........the pictures are amazing!!!They all look like models sure!!!I love them all!!!

A Arlene

Just Bits and Pieces said...

Beautiful shots!!!!