Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Life in is a constant state of change.  The fashions, the weather, your neighbors, your friends, your job.  So many changes happen to us every day that we aren't even aware of!!  So why is it we fight change so much?  Why do we hang on to old habits and ways of thinking that we sometimes can't think outside the box.  Supposedly, we are the intelligent beings but why then do we we fight things around us that we have no control over?  Why do we doubt making positive changes in our lives?  Decisions that might lead to something wonderful!!  Animals adapt and learn and get by.  But most of us want things to stay just the way they are.  Like many of us I am a creature of habit too.  I find something I like and I like to stick with it.  Is it fear that stops us sometimes dead in our tracks, is it lack of confidence?  Do we owe it to ourselves to take a chance?

There have been a lot of recent changes in my life and I expect there will always be.  Some things that happened were not so great and some were pretty darn good.   Life won't always warn you what's about to happen but you have to adapt, live it and do things that make you happy.  You have to try new things even if it means you might fail.  But what succeed?  What if you take a chance, make a change and something extraordinary happens?  What then?

Topsail Beach, NL


Gina said...

HI Annette, I was expecting to see more of your "eye" this too is very beautiful. I really liked what you said as well...very meditative :)

Just Bits and Pieces said...

I fight change too.....yesterday I was disappointed that our holiday was going to have to be delayed by a day. And then I was asked by a distant family member to second-shoot for a family wedding coming up and now I get to bring a full-frame camera and flash and 70-200 lens on my holiday to practice.....some changes aren't bad, or scary...we just have to look for the good.