Monday, January 31, 2011

Welcoming Jesse

Can I say one thing... I love meeting new families with new little people!!  I feel so Blessed to be invited into their homes to capture the beginning moments of family life as it unfolds.  I love meeting the big brothers and big sisters and interacting with them and when I leave I feel I've made new friends.

I met the Hopkins family this past Saturday.  The newest little addition to their already sweet little gang is a cutie named Jesse.  Jesse turned two weeks old on Friday and according to Mommy, was going through a growing spurt!  Just to let you know, he totally was!! 

With everything shut down for the day, I settled in, unpacked my camera and began capturing some memories for Aileen and her expanded family. 


Gina said...

Absolutely precious. I love the one with the two siblings looking downward and laughing sooo sweet

Anonymous said...

Loved all of these. wow is all I can say!