Thursday, January 6, 2011

Michelle and Chad

Ok, so some people have to be convinced to get pics done.  Especially male people!!!  This was the case with Chad!!  Michelle, however, used her beautiful smile and charm to convince him!!  And we had THE best day of winter to do photos.  It was absolutely gorgeous weather wise.  Sun, very little wind, and plus temperatures...well temperature, +1 is on the positive side right!!  So it was cool but what can we expect here in the frigid North Atlantic!!

Michelle had been after me all fall to have photos done but she had to have the OK from her man to be a part of the fun!  I am so glad he agreed.  It was a blast!!  The criteria for the photos were ducks, boats and canoodling (Slang to kiss and cuddle; pet; fondle) Ok so the last one was minus the petting/fondling.  We were going to be in a public place after all! ;).

I don't think the smile ever left Michelle's face and was contagious!! Chad seemed pretty darn happy too! So here are some photos from our afternoon.  Enjoy!!

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