Thursday, August 12, 2010

The blog has gone to the dogs

Ok, so the blog is not literally gone to the dogs but I have a cutie pie here that I'm sure you will enjoy.  Her name is Brandi and she's a sweet little girl who is full of affection, loves life and has a couple of wonderful owners/parents.  I also know she is very fond of trout!!  Just recently Brandi (and her parents) got some very sad news.  Brandi has a heart condition.   Although you'd never say it by the way she went after the skateboard during out shoot, she becomes very short of breath when she does any big amount of exercise.  Her little body gets overworked because her heart can't handle the exertion.  So her mom asked me if I would take some photos of Brandi and her family on her favorite walking trail that unfortunately, she can't enjoy very much any more.  So here is Brandi and her "mom and dad".


Just Bits and Pieces said...

Awesome shots!!! You must have great patience & a trigger finger.....everytime I try to shoot my dog (oooh, that doesn't sound good!) I get a bunch of blurry shots as she's constantly shifting!!!

Anonymous said...

Great pics again Annette!

Renee said...

Annette...We LOVE these photos!!!!!!!! Thanks you from the bottom of our hearts for taking these pictures. Brandi is doing a bit better the past week..has more energy and is brighter. These photos bring tears to my eyes..but I am blessed to have them. You are an amazing photographer, and friend!!! I love the black and white one of me and her up close..think that is my favorite!!!!

Sincerely, Brandi's Mom and Dad, Renee & Jamie