Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Fun in the Sun (and wind)!!

This past Saturday in St. John's we had a gorgeous day! The sun and high temperatures were just wonderful after our sad intro into the summer season. Living on the east coast of Canada can be quite a challenge with our long, cold winters and even shorter summers! But Saturday, all that didn't matter! Saturday, the sun just about melted us into sticky puddles of useless goo and we dare not complain because only a few shorts weeks ago we had temperatures in the low teens (mid 50's depending out what part North America you reside). However, we Newfoundlanders know that with the sun, comes the wind. And buddy did she blow!

A few days before I received a call from an old friend who's cousin was in town from Ontario and she was interested in getting together to have her photos taken.  So, we decided to take in some sites and do a photo session starting with North America's most Easterly point (aka,the most windy point), Cape Spear!(http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cape_Spear)  It was a little windy, yeah, you could say that! Here's a look at some of the fun I had with this great family!


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Kelly Smith said...

The pictures are great!