Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Home for a visit

This is a large post so I'll apologize in advance!  But how can I not share as much as I possibly can from my great weekend visiting my hometown.  Even though we live on the East coast of Newfoundland, Canada, surrounded by the cold Atlantic ocean, we have sun, surf and a whole lotta wonderful places to see.  These are just a mere sample of the beauty that surrounds my little community.

  I had the added bonus of going on a an impromptu photowalk with a wonderful friend who also shares an enthusiasm for photography.  I was so happy because I've been thinking of trying to organize such a walk and this sort of just fell into our lap!!  It was lots of fun!! 

  Overall, I had a great weekend!  I got to spent time with my parents and to see many family and friends I haven't seen in quite some time.  And I took a few (hundred) pics! :) 

Sandy tights!

This is Keely practicing her pose!

Keely and my mom!

A friend and her daughter

My photog friend Marsha :)


Anonymous said...

Outstanding....gorgeous & I can't find the words good enough to describe what you have captured. I love everyone of these pictures,

peggi_ann said...

Just gorgeous.Love the scenics and the sand tights.

Tonya said...

Beautiful Annette - not that I would've thought otherwise! :)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful as ususal Annette!


Anissa said...

Beautiful job Annette! These pics are out-standing!!

Sherri said...

Awesome pictures Annette!

Anonymous said...

Great shots Annette! Love them all but especially the sand :)

Just Bits and Pieces said...

Oh so beautiful!! Thank you for sharing your weekend!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!WOW!!I love 'em all!!!!
A Arlene