Monday, July 19, 2010

Children are a Blessing

Being a parent is one of life's greatest gifts that we may sometimes take for granted.  It is full of ups and downs, self doubt and trial and error.  It is something we plan for and sometimes something we do not.  There are many books, but they do not adequately prepare you for the road of parenthood.  However way we come to be parents, it is a job not to be taken lightly.  We are there to guide our children, to keep them safe and to always love them.
So when I say children are a Blessing I say so with all my heart. 

Today's post is of two beautiful children who happen to have two very wonderful parents.  We had loads of fun in the park and I got a workout to boot!  Something they do tell you in books...a two year olds favorite word is "NO!".  Enjoy!


Just Bits and Pieces said...

Fantastic shots!!! I love all of the ones at the park especially!!!!

Anonymous said...

They are absoutely gorgeous pics Annette!! I love my two little angels! You did an excellent job, & we had lots of fun! Thanks again.
ps I always enjoy what you write at the beginning too :)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful Beautiful photos!

Sherri said...

Great shots Annette. Love the one of the little girl popping down the slide, feet in the air. Reminds me of a time when we passed the day in such a carefree way at the playground ourselves!

Anonymous said...

Love them all!! My favorite is the little one going down the slide. Brings me back to my childhood, so carefree and full of life.


mary katharine said...

Absolutely love the shot through the tunnel! Makes me want to take my girls to the park RIGHT NOW! :)

Anonymous said...

You take absolutely beautiful pics.