Friday, June 4, 2010

My In-house model!

When I'm out and about I'm always looking for new locations for photo sessions.  I do this without even thinking about it.  I wonder does this make me creative or just crazy?!  The following photos are of my daughter shot a couple of weeks ago.  I found this large structure full of graffiti and immediately thought that she would really think it was cool and might like to be my model for the day!  And to my grateful surprise she did on both counts!!  So here are some of my favorites from that day with my In-house model.

Ode to the Converse!


Sonia said...

Love these too!!!

Anonymous said...

Love all the pictures. You have come a long way baby:) Every picture on here is gorgeous. Love from your devoted follower Mom

Anonymous said...

you never cease to amaze are one of the most talanted artistic people I have seen....I still have a pic you sketched of me one day at work on the back of the worklist and that too was awesome.....Mary PA